About Athena

Athena Currier is a Minneapolis-based cartoonist, illustrator, and book designer.  She has an extensive history in the publishing industry and an MFA in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Prior to becoming a book designer, she worked in bookstores, libraries, and print departments. She knows books inside and out.

First off: WOW!! Just . . . WOW!! Absolutely fabulous, Athena!! I need to dust off my superlatives, but I am so pleased with what you’ve created!

—Brian L.

Currier has worked with numerous publishers to create hundreds of covers and interiors for every genre imaginable. Her favorite covers tend to be bold, graphic, and eye-catching. If they include hand-lettering and illustration, all the better. She also likes finding opportunities to give interiors a “little something extra.” A map, a family tree, a decorative glyph—the details that make a book stand out and feel special.

Thank you so much for your fine work! It’s been a thrill to look at, consider, and discuss your beautiful and outstanding designs. I love each one. Each has a thoughtful inner logic, consistency, and expressiveness, and each beautifully communicates the nature of the book. What a pleasure to see that I couldn’t make a bad choice if I tried!

—Darrell P.

In addition to her client work, Currier is the author of several books and comic collections, including Listen and BurnFear and Transportation, and Action Athena: The First Three or So Years. Her short-run comics magazine, Burn Book, was the recipient of a DART grant. Her work has appeared in many comics anthologies, including Just Add Ink!HorizonVotes for Women, and Rock Ink Roll, as well as publications such as City PagesSunoikisisThe Daily Cross Hatch, and Broken Pencil Magazine. She is currently working on a YA graphic novel set at a summer camp in Wisconsin in the early 2000s.

Way to make our job hard in having to choose!  All three concepts could be fantastic covers.

—Mackenzie W.

Currier is always open to doing pro bono work for causes she believes in. If you are involved with an activist group whose focus is racial justice or reproductive rights, feel free to reach out about your graphic design needs.

These are STUNNING. I am absolutely obsessed. Wow. So simple yet so excellent.

—Abby D.

You can keep up with Currier via instagram. Interested in working together? Get in touch.